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Croc Poms (set of 2)

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Order comes with a pair of 2 matching minky poms.

They fit Crocs size 10 and up best.

DISCLAIMER - the younger the child and smaller the shoe size, the more likely that these may not hold up as well - please buy with caution if your kiddo plays hard in their crocs ;)

Poms have hardware on the back to add to holes of Crocs…hardware should be inserted at a 45 degree angle and "punched" in to secure…to remove, push back through at an angle and stretch the hole to accommodate the hardware.

Please handle with care when removing from shoes so as not to rip the poms - there is definitely a finesse to removing the croc hardware without damaging the Poms :)

***POMS DO NOT FIT NATIVES (Crocs and Vans only)